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Mahjong Games - Interesting On-line Games

Mahjong games are incredibly interesting and exciting online games. They can be played for no fee over the Internet. You do not need to obtain any significant software to play these games. You only need a good web browser to play the whole series of games in the Mahjong series. You may even make money when you join and win certain contests displayed on the Mahjong website.

Mahjong Link

Mahjong Link is a very common Mahjong game. The game displays a matrix of different symbols with numbers. Every symbol that is displayed in the matrix has a matching pair positioned at random inside the matrix. You're purported to locate the two identical symbols of a pair. You can use your mouse to click the first symbol and then click on its identical pair. Then, both the symbols would vanish, leaving you with less symbol pairs to locate. This game gets less complicated as you click and eliminate more symbol pairs. After you pick all the pairs in the matrix, you are then taken to the next level, where you are challenged to pair different symbols with a higher level of complexity.

Mahjong Alchemy

Mahjong Alchemy is another terrific Mahjong game which applies Alchemy symbols instead of Chinese symbols. Each of these symbols is placed on rectangular cubes stacked one on top of the other in stacks. You can click on two similar cubes to make them fade away. On the other hand, the cubes need to be able to slide out to be completely removed. Cubes that are obstructed on either side with other cubes would not disappear even if you click them. As you click much more cubes, the game becomes much easier to play.

Celtic Mahjong

Celtic Mahjong is actually a game that applies Celtic symbols on stones piled on leading of each other. Like all of the other Mahjong games, you're necessary to find identical pairs and eliminate them as quickly as possible. But in contrast to Alchemy, the layers of stones are a little difficult to see in this game's layout.

Fantastic Mahjong

Excellent Mahjong is another classic Mahjong game where you might be supposed to click on identical tiles to eliminate them from the field. You can click on a tile only when either its left or its right side in entirely open. You once again can not click on a tile when it has an additional tile on top of it even partially. This makes the game really exciting and challenging to play.

All Mahjong games are comparable but include a distinction in symbols, layout and complexity, generating them simple to understand and at the same time challenging to play.


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